Paul Haslinger

Game / 2016

The Game

Rainbow Six Siege is the latest in the series of the first person shooter franchise from Ubisoft Montreal.  The multiplayer game, inspired by counter terrorist operative’s’ work, will feature intense confrontations with a focus on real-life tension.  Team work, firefights and, of course, a high casualty rate, will all be an integral part of the game.

The Music

Production on Rainbow Six Siege has spanned several years, starting with a meeting in Montreal in 2012 that  included the UbiSoft sound design team, Ben Frost and Paul Haslinger.  The project has since undergone many changes, and will finally be released in the Winter of 2015.

In addition, UbiSoft is planning to release a soundtrack in conjunction with the game. For the main theme, Paul enlisted world music legend and Peter Gabriel alum Shenkar to provide vocals and violin contributions.