Paul Haslinger

TV / 2016

The Show

Fear The Walking Dead is a prequel to The Walking Dead and premieres on August 23, 2015. Robert Kirkman, author of the graphic novel The Walking Dead, describes Fear the Walking Dead as a look back to the earlier, more dangerous, terrifying days of The Walking Dead. Set in Los Angeles, the show will focus on new characters and storylines to tell the story of a civilization rapidly deteriorating as Rick Grimes lies in a coma.

The Music

This project marks the second time Paul Haslinger is scoring the depiction of Los Angeles in the throws of destruction. The first was Miracle Mile (with Tangerine Dream, 1988), a cult classic with a distinctive score that stands the test of time. Both shows deal with the anticipation of crisis and existential fear in the characters lives and the music adeptly anchors and enhances the mood within each story line. Together, Paul and producer Hugo Nicolson have created a musical language that encompasses both the surreal and the more hard-hitting aspects of these experiences.